Zoom interviews integration

(Integration available with Cronofy only)

About Zoom interviews

Connect Zoom to your recruiting process for an easy and quick way to attach video conference links to your interviews.

Why Zoom interviews?

Recruiting interviews with Zoom

The Zoom integration for Cronofy is a video conferencing integration that can be used when creating interview events and other calendar events with participants from within a company and also external participants.

Core functionalities

  • Selection for Zoom when scheduling an interview
  • Automatically attach video link to the calendar event for interviewers and candidates

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

  • Open personio and go to Settings > WORK HOURS AND ABSENCES > Calendars > Calendar Integration and check if the Calendar Integration is active in your Personio Account.
  • Then check that all employees who are supposed to schedule interviews are connected.
  • Then contact your IT department, to install the Cronofy App in the Zoom marketplace. Ensure to give Install permission to All users on this Zoom account.

For Zoom, every user who needs to host a videoconference needs to be authenticated. The authentication has to be done by the employee directly in their Personio profile. We recommend sending a message to all affected employees providing instructions on how to authenticate.

How to use Zoom to schedule interviews?

  • When creating a new interview select the “Interview method” in the “Location” section
  • Under the selection you will find the Zoom integration option
  • Add the option and the link is automatically generated once you schedule the interview

Zoom interviews integration screenshots

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