ZMI integration

About ZMI

With ZMI, companies of all industries and sizes record working hours digitally and independently of their location: Whether via stationary terminals in the company, online on the browser, via App or mobile terminals in the construction container or vehicle: Times, cost centres, projects and activities are recorded in real time. You will never need timesheets again.

Why ZMI?

Time Tracking with ZMI

With ZMI’s intuitive software architecture, working times are recorded and automatically evaluated either via App or by integrating mobile or stationary recording hardware.

Core Functionalities

  • stationary and mobile worktime recording
  • order and project time recording
  • workforce management, shift planner and order planning
  • access control (RFID and biometrics)
  • driver's license control and vehicle data collection

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

The interface to Personio is set up by ZMI's consulting team. The API credentials from Personio are stored once in the system settings of ZMI.

Transfer of Data

Through the integration, employee master data is transferred from Personio to ZMI, and days of absence entered in ZMI are transferred to Personio.

Contact ZMI

ZMI's pricing model is modular and based on the functions used (e.g. time recording, workforce management, access control) and the number of employees. Find the right solution for your requirements with the Quick Check from ZMI.

ZMI integration screenshots

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