Yoffix integration

About Yoffix

Yoffix is a hybrid work solution, helping companies manage attendance in and out of the office. We offer customizable rule setting to fit your work concept whether remote, remote friendly, hybrid or office as priority. With integrated floor plans your employees can prebook desks and find opportunities to collaborate and connect with their colleagues. Our platform is synced automatically with Personio’s employee list and details, slack communication, google calendar and more. With our platform you also gain real visibility and get real time office data to make smart decisions, cut office space that isn’t utilized and understand office capacity and usage.

Why Yoffix?

We make hybrid work simple

Our intuitive platform is easy to use, takes 5 mins to onboard and always puts people in priority. With yoffix you determine your concept and we make it happen.

Core functionalities

  • Scheduling tool that is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Smart analytics to help you better understand the connection between office and employees.
  • Integrated floor plans for desk booking/ sharing.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

With a few clicks you can connect your Personio account and pull employee data to make our system up to date with the number of employees, their names, job titles and departments. No mess excels needed. Have everything done for you automatically.

Transfer of data

We do not collect any personal information and we hold the highest GDPR standards with servers in Germany only. All basic employee details: Name, job title, department, email, attendance is synced with Personio.

Contact yoffix

Feel free to contact us for a personalized demo. Yoffix offers a no strings attached 14 day trial period. No credit card needed. Our basic price is 3 euro per employee on a monthly basis. Big enterprises can contact us directly for a tailored contract with special payment terms. Personio customers can profit from 4 weeks free trial period.

Yoffix integration screenshots

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