Workpath integration

About Workpath

As the only solution provider for agile control and development, Workpath provides holistic support for process implementation and the associated transformation.

With German contact persons, consultants and a community of successfully practicing customers, all questions and requirements in the establishment of the new processes can be answered. Data on the Workpath platform is stored exclusively on certified and permanently tested servers in Germany.

Why Workpath?

Performance Management with Workpath

Workpath transforms established companies into agile network organizations with a new Performance Management Suite and an ecosystem of consulting, training and learning. The leading solution for agile business management, strategic coordination and continuous employee development.

Core Functionalities

  • Agile strategy execution with OKR and related frameworks
  • Collaborative goal management for the entire organization
  • Strategic monitoring and analytics for comprehensive corporate manegement

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

In your Workpath account go to the Personio Integration page (Profile > Settings > Integrations > Personio Integration). Enter your Client ID and Client Secret from your Personio account. Click on “Save” to start the synchronization.

Transfer of Data

Employee master data and team or reporting structures are transferred from Personio and synchronized to ensure an effortless setup of the organization in the Workpath platform.

Contact Workpath

The pricing for Workpath depends on the process maturity and number of employees of your company. Feel free to contact us directly via mail to to learn more.

Workpath integration screenshots

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