WorkMotion integration

About WorkMotion

WorkMotion is a global HR platform that transforms your workplace by making it simple and fast to build international teams. WorkMotion automates time-consuming onboarding processes, helping companies to onboard talent from over 160+ countries while ensuring compliance.

Why WorkMotion?

Streamline international hiring

WorkMotion enables simple global talent recruitment while ensuring 100% compliance with country regulations. You also have the option to hire and administer benefits under your brand.

Core functionalities

  • Create and execute employment contracts Within the WorkMotion platform, create an employment contract with your remote talent anywhere in the world and have it signed and executed.
  • Payroll management Administer and manage monthly payslips for your international talent.
  • 100% compliance Hire from over 160+ countries while having the peace of mind that all compliance and legal regulations are taken care of.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

The integration is activated within the WorkMotion platform. Currently there is only one-way integration. Just click the “Integrate” button under the Personio logo in the Integrations section of the WorkMotion platform. Once you have filled in the Personio credentials in the pop up that appears, the available employee and employment data in Personio will be transferred instantly to the WorkMotion platform.

Transfer of data

  • Import Employee Information
    WorkMotion allows certain employee data fields in Personio to be imported instantly to the WorkMotion platform. Some of the fields include Name, Work Email, Employment status, Phone number and more!
  • Import Employment Information
    Certain employment details can also be transferred to the WorkMotion platform, including Employment type, Pay Frequency, Job Title, Currency of Pay and more!

Contact WorkMotion

WorkMotion offers different pricing depending on the product chosen and the size of the organization. You can also Book a Demo with the WorkMotion sales team here.

WorkMotion integration screenshots

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