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About vyble®

vyble® replace manual routines with digitalization, automation and artificial intelligence. As a result, we generate significant benefits for your company and your employees. We are the first and so far only company ever to have transferred a country's tax legislation into an algorithm, thus enabling companies and their employees to exploit all income tax potential granted by the legislator in an optimal way and specifically for all individual requirement profiles with a single click.

Why vyble®?

reinventing payroll.

Whether startup or corporate enterprise: With our digital payroll solution, your company can handle all steps of payroll faster and more efficiently. Hacking Payroll - the optimization of net income is our declared goal. vyble is based on the latest cloud technologies, system openness with a public API and high user-friendliness. Adherence to all data protection, IT security and compliance guidelines is a matter of course for us and a central component of our products and services.

Core functionalities

  • Realization of complete payroll accounting with just a few clicks
  • Increase net income with salary optimization concepts and employee benefits
  • Dashboard with all relevant KPIs for wage and salary data

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

Thanks to the system openness with public API interfaces of Personio and vyble, the integration of the two solutions is done quickly and easily. Once we have received the Personio API access data from you, we are able to automatically integrate all payroll-relevant data via the Personio API and run our payroll services. Manual export and import processes are now a thing of the past.

Transfer of data

The integration includes the following data transfers:

  • Transfer of HR master data from Personio to vyble
  • Transfer of attendances from Personio to vyble
  • Transfer of absences from Personio to vyble

Transfer of digital payslips from vyble to Personio upon request. Contact our Customer Success Team for more information.

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