Troi integration

About Troi

Troi is an innovative SaaS solution for project management workflows. Combining a project management tool with necessary features to cover the whole company process - from project acquisition to accounting. Using state-of-the-art technology, Troi enables users to improve workflows with every new project. The Troi AI transforms data insights into project optimization. For smooth project workflows and and more profitability.

Why Troi?

Core functionalities

  • AI based project management: Troi uses unique technology to support users throughout the project management workflow

  • Made in Munich: GDPR certified with german based customer success team to provide users with fast and high quality support

  • Growth parter: Troi provides highly individual process optimization support for their customers in order to drive sustainable growth

  • Sustainability is a core element of Trois company’s strategy. Trois software runs on 100% renewable energy and Troi is carbon neutral.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Integration scope

  • Synchronization of absences: After setting up absences, the integration synchronizes employees' absences between Troi and Personio. For the transfer of absences, the absence entries are transferred in both directions. All absences that are transferred from Personio to Troi are automatically considered as approved in Troi. Absences are synchronized 61 days retrospectively and 365 days into the future.

  • Employee data synchronization: Once set up, the integration synchronizes employee data from Personio to Troi. Personio is thus the prevailing system in terms of employee data. It is enough to specify the email address to transfer all other data of the employee.

These synchronizations are performed every 15 minutes by default. The matching of data between Troi and Personio takes place on basis of the employee's e-mail address.

Transfer of data

Employee data is transferred from Personio to Troi including:

  • email
  • last modified at

Setting up the interface

The prerequisite for use is the purchase of a Troi Professional license or the Troi Connect module.

  1. Please create a ticket in the Troi helpdesk ( with the request to activate the Personio interface for your instance.

  2. Trois service team will activate the interface and give you feedback afterwards.

  3. After activation, you still need to make the following settings:

  • In the system settings: Enter Client ID and Client Secret under System > System Settings > Personio Integration.
  • Activation of the synchronization of absences and / or employee data in the System Settings
  • Configuration of absence types: every absence which should be synchronized has to be linked to the correct absence in Personio under System > Absence Types.
  1. Creation of employees in Troi: In order for employee data synchronization to work, an employee must be created in Troi with at least a user name and email address.

Contact Troi

Pricing for Troi depends on your company size and the licence type. Troi comes in two different licence types: Teams and Professional. Starting with 21,90 Euros per licence/month. For more information visit the pricing page.

If you would like to learn more about Troi, visit the Troi website, book a web demo or contact.

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