TimeTac integration

About TimeTac

TimeTac is a cloud-based time tracking software designed to help midsized and enterprise businesses monitor employees' working hours and record absences. There are several available software modules: Employee Time Tracking, Leave Management, Project Time Tracking, and TimeTac Health (COVID-19 status checker). Each module is adaptable to your company's specific requirements and can be used separately or combined with the other modules to achieve the best results.

Why TimeTac?

Significantly reduce the administrative workload of the HR department.

The software modules are easy to use, yet you have a comprehensive selection of administrative functions at your fingertips. Capture your team's working time in real-time from anywhere - via desktop, mobile app, or clocking in machine. Effortlessly meet operational requirements in all areas of time tracking while remaining GDPR-compliant. The TimeTac support team is always ready to assist you with the software's implementation and day-to-day use.

Core functionalities

  • Live or subsequent work time recording, various working time models, mapping of legal requirements, calculation/recording of overtime, correctable time bookings, numerous evaluation and reporting functions, automatic hours accounting for payroll, data export to payroll accounting tools (DATEV, BMD, etc.).

  • Live or subsequent project time recording, task/project assignment, evaluation and statistics functions, project controlling with target/actual and costs/turnover, allocation and planning of personnel resources, workload/capacity.

  • Automatic calculation of vacation entitlement/absence days, plan, coordinate, request absences, create reports/evaluations, e.g. vacation consumption, various calendar views, vacation transfer/expiry, public holidays calendar (for Germany, Austria, Switzerland), vacation ban dates/company vacation close-downs.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

  1. For the User Synchronization from Personio to TimeTac, you must define default values for newly created users in TimeTac. TimeTac provides you with a form to determine the needed default values.
  2. You must define a start date for the absences and attendances synchronization from TimeTac to Personio. TimeTac will be the single source of truth for your employees' absences and attendance management from the start date. After activation of the integrations, all existing absences and attendances after the defined start date will be deleted in Personio, and data managed in TimeTac will be inserted. Moreover, a mapping of the absences types needs to be done. TimeTac provides you with a form to map TimeTac’s absence and Personio time-off types.
  3. Send the API Credentials created in Persnio and the predefined mapping to TimeTac.
  4. After configuring the integration, a technical session for its testing will be scheduled.
  5. Activation of the integration in the TimeTac production account.

Transfer of data

User Provisioning from Personio to TimeTac: firstname, lastname, email, personnel number, Personio ID, user status, hire date, termination date, date of birth and absence_entitlement for paid vacation

Absences Export from TimeTac to Personio: granted absences only, according to the absences types included in the Personio <> TimeTac absence type mapping

Attendances Export from TimeTac to Personio: starttime, endtime, breaks

Contact TimeTac

The pricing of TimeTac calculates as follows:

Base Fee totally EUR 16,50 + Products per user and monthly

Employee Time Tracking EUR 4,-
Project Time Tracking EUR 8,-
Leave Management EUR 2,50
TimeTac Health EUR 2,-

For accounts with more than 20 users, individual rates are offered. Contact the TimeTac sales team (info@timetac.com), to get an individual offer for your requirements.

TimeTac integration screenshots

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