Talk'n'Job integration

About Talk'n'Job

Talk’n‘Job is about fast, easy generation of candidates not using traditional channels anymore. It is a voice-guided chat application via smartphone. Target group: simple job profiles, young professionals. It generates more applicants (up to 40%) and transfers the profile into the internal application process. As an additional recruiting channel it works for every company size and industry and it can be integrated in every communication channel.

Why Talk'n'Job?

Core functionalities

  • Easy to integrate add-on in every communication channel
  • Internationally usable and scalable
  • First-class onboarding process

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Integration scope

When you integrate Talk'n'job, the structured data from new applications through Talk'n'Job are automatically added to Personio for a fast recruiting process through simple data transfer.

Transfer of data

Applicant information are transferred from Talk'n'Job to Personio including the following information:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Mail

  • Phone Number

  • PLZ

  • City

  • Selfie (optional)

  • Chat answers via PDF attachment

Setting up the interface

  1. Chat and Avatar Set-up with Talk'n'Jobs Customer-Success-Manager
  2. Send API credentials:
  • Company ID
  • Access token
  • Client ID
  • Secret
  1. Talk'n'Job then connects the chats to your Personio Account

Contact Talk'n'Job

The price for a 1-year licence depends primarily on the usage. The costs are based on a license fee and the number of planned hires per year times a volume price, ranging from EUR 39 for a single hire down to EUR 9,90 starting from 10.000 hires.

If you would like to learn more about Talk'n'Job, meet Talk'n'Job for a web demo.

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Talk'n'Job integration screenshots

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