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About Talentry

Talentry's award-winning Talent Relationship Platform (TRP) allows customers to build talent pipelines and automate candidate engagement leading to a consistent inflow of high-quality applications. With the TRP, recruiters can leverage the potential of all touchpoints in the talent acquisition phase - from the “careers” page to active sourcing and recruitment events. After hiring, TRP plays a key role both in turning employees into ambassadors and talent scouts, and in retaining them through attractive opportunities for internal mobility. Talentry's TRP is tailored to all organizations who follow a proactive approach to recruitment and fill 50+ positions every year.

Why Talentry?

Tap into talent with Talentry

Talentry’s TRP is employee-centric and allows you to tap into internal as well as external talent – all from one platform. To ensure a smooth candidate AND recruiter journey at the same time, the TRP is ATS-agnostic and perfectly integrates with your Personio environment. Our user-friendly platform supports collaboration and international company structures while smart technology and automation features allow for streamlined and efficient processes.

Core Functionalities

While Talentry’s TRP covers a broad set of solutions, we have identified three areas that best complement Personio:

  • Talentry Recruitment Events allows you to seamlessly manage your webinars, meet-ups and on-site events to build lasting talent relations, fill your pipeline and organise those talent leads in pools.
  • With Talentry Active Sourcing, smart technology and a central repository of talent data will enable you to leverage talent leads you “meet” during your recruitment activities (e.g. second-best candidates) for future vacancies - and improve your active search routines at the same time.
  • And our market-leading solution Talentry Employee Referrals empowers you to turn your employees into recruiters and ambassadors and thus leverage their (social) networks and trustworthiness as well as their instinct to identify the perfect match.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

Talentry pulls jobs from the Recruiting API of Personio after a specific interval (for instance, every hour). This way, the jobs posted to Personio gets synced at Talentry.

When an applicant completes submitting an application in the Talentry platform, Talentry pushes the application data to Personio. This way, applications transmitted from Talentry are visible in the customer’s Personio account.

For this to work properly, certain configurations need to be done (for instance, creating channels, tags, custom attributes etc.).

Transfer of Data

Talentry is currently using the Recruiting API of Personio.

Job posts are pulled from Personio to Talentry. Job applications are transmitted from Talentry to Personio.

Contact Talentry

To get more information on Talentry and its pricing, please contact support@talentry.com.


Talentry integration screenshots

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