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About Talent.com

All the support you need to achieve your hiring goals
As the fastest-growing job search and recruitment platform, Talent.com helps job seekers find opportunities and recruiters find candidates. With a team made of the most experienced industry experts, an extensive network of partners and in-house recruitment technology, Talent.com provides recruiters with a unique level of support and guidance. Whether they need to post jobs, build optimized digital hiring campaigns while keeping their budget under control, or find niche candidates, Talent.com is here to help.

Looking for a comprehensive candidate search solution that seamlessly integrates with your ATS? Find out how Talent.com can help you manage everything from one place, and get hiring: https://www.talent.com/get-started.

Why Talent.com?

Talent.com's formula for success

Aiming to help you navigate a rapidly changing industry, Talent.com combines human expertise and advanced in-house technology to build top-performing digital hiring campaigns. Set your goals, optimize your budget, and track everything to maximize your recruitment ROI. Find unique candidates thanks to Talent.com’s partner network and receive applications directly in your ATS. Whatever your hiring need is, we got you covered. Find out more about the Talent.com way: https://www.talent.com/enterprise.

Core functionalities

  • Automated and unlimited job postings,
  • Full tracking capabilities
  • Performance based technology,
  • Budget optimization features.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

1) To activate the integration, you will need to provide our sales team with the following information:

  • Company ID,
  • Recruiting API access token,
  • Company account name,
  • Channel ID.

2) The box “Enable XML feed” (Settings> Recruiting> Career page) must be ticked too, it enables us to pick up the opened vacancies.

With this information, the Talent.com team will test then activate the integration, meaning we will start publishing all vacancies present on your career site and generating applications.

Transfer of data

From Personio to Talent.com: Job offer data (public data on the open positions), From Talent.com to Personio: Application data (Full name, email and resume).

Contact Talent.com

Are you looking to save time posting jobs and optimize the candidate experience in the apply process? Then, activate the integration for free and start benefiting from Talent.com!
You can post your jobs to Talent.com and benefit with zero costs from the organic traffic of candidates on our platforms.
To obtain more applications, our sales team will help you design your job campaign and your dedicated Client Success Manager will optimize the campaign performance acording to your priorities.

Ready to start your first sponsored campaign? All Personio clients get 25% off on the budget spent during the first 3 months on their first campaign.

Questions? Want to know more? Reach out to Per Roxendal, Sales Director for Germany: per@talent.com.

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