TalentBait integration

About TalentBait

With TalentBait companies can publish their job postings on more than 12 social media channels – by using only one tool. TalentBait handles the ad creation, monitors the performance and helps to create a modern candidate journey. Therefore, TalentBait uses communication via messengers (WhatsApp, SMS..) as a first step before transferring the best applicants to your Personio acoount.

Why TalentBait?

With passive social media recruiting you are on the move in real time

  • With TalentBait you only reach suitable candidates without divergence loss. With the help of targeting, we put your target group together in such a way that only suitable candidates apply to your company.
  • TalentBait gives you access to profiles that otherwise would have never found out about your vacancy and that are not even looking for a job. You actively counteract the shortage of skilled workers.
  • With TalentBait, your applicants go through a state-of-the-art candidate journey: You interact with applicants in real time and use qualification questions as well as chatbots for seamless communication.
  • With TalentBait, 90% of companies receive their first qualified applicant in the first 24 hours.

Core functionalities

  • Advertising on all target group-relevant social media channels
  • A channel-appropriate ad creation for all platforms - image, video and audio
  • Applicant-centered and mobile-optimized candidate journey, e.g. through WhatsApp communication
  • Accurate applicant targeting without divergence loss
  • Performance-marketing based advertising for an effective budget distribution: only pay for performance
  • Free access to the TalentBait web app and connection to the Personio BMS

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

All advertised positions from Personio to TalentBait can be automatically imported via an automatically generated XML feed. At the same time, all suitable, incoming applications can be transferred directly to your own Personio account using an API key. You can implement all the necessary settings in Personio in a few minutes: Create an API key in the settings and set up TalenBait as a recruiting channel. The integration can be carried out with the API key and the channel ID.

Transfer of data

Open positions (job title, description, location, images) are transferred directly from Personio to TalentBait via an XML feed. No data (from the current campaign) can be transferred via the API, only applicant information can be transferred to Personio.

Contact TalentBait

As a Personio customer, TalentBait gives you the opportunity to display your job advertisements on up to 12 different social media platforms. A campaign has a duration of 30 days and can - depending on the target group - start from as little as 800 euros. Personio customers receive a 20% discount on their first social media recruiting campaign.

For more information and an individually tailored package for your target group, contact us via email, phone (040-22 82 15 06 0) or visit our website.

TalentBait integration screenshots

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