Shiftbase integration

About Shiftbase

With Shiftbase you can create an online staff schedule, register worked hours and manage your personnel administration. Every employee has his own login and can view data like; the work schedule, worked hours, plus- and minus hours and the vacation hours balance. Besides staff scheduling and time tracking Shiftbase offers many more features that can save you a lot of time! Shiftbase has an automatic calculation of surcharges. The surcharges can be set per contract type or per shift. You can also get valuable information from Shiftbase with the available reports. For example, you can easily send salary data to the accountant.

Why Shiftbase?

Core functionalities

  • Employee Sheduling: By using the Shiftbase planning software, you can easily and quickly create work schedules with an overview on expected costs
  • Time-tracking: Register employees' hours worked without risk of error with the punch clock in the app
  • Absence registration: Immediate insight into leave requests and balances, all from a central overview

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Integration scope

Worked hours and salary per employee will automatically transferred, and saving your time and errors.

Transfer of data

Employee data is transferred from Personio to Shiftbase including:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email
  • status
  • position
  • weekly working hours
  • hire date
  • contract end date
  • termination date
  • department
  • cost centers
  • work schedule
  • fix salary
  • fix salary interval
  • hourly salary

Timesheet export: Exporting the timesheets from Shiftbase to your Personio account, the following information will be exported per employee: “date”, “start time”, “end time” and “breaks”.

Setting up the interface

  1. To add a Personio integration in your Shiftbase account head towards Settings > App center > Personio. Then click on the + Add Personio integration.

Then you can log in with your Client ID and Client secret. This data can be retrieved from your Personio account Settings > Integrations > API credentials . Follow the configuration steps in order to set up your integration properly. Do you need more guidance, please visit our help center article:

  1. Employee import: Importing the employees from Personio to your Shiftbase account, the standard fields that will be imported are “email address”, “first name”, and “last name”. During the configuration you are able to select within the contract field if you want to import the “Function”, “End dates”, “Contract hours” and or “Wages”. Within the employee field, you can select if you want to import the "birth date" as well.

Contact Shiftbase

Want to get to know more about Shiftbase? You can simply try the software or book a DEMO. Shiftbase offers different packages (Starter and Premium) with a monthly price per user and a minimum purchase incl. 10 employees. A detailed, up-to-date overview can be found on the website. For further questions you can contact shiftbase at tel:+31798080107 or send an mailto: We're ready to answer all your question.

Shiftbase integration screenshots

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