RYDES integration


RYDES is a mobility budget platform that helps companies offer their employees access to flexible & sustainable modes of urban transport by allocating individual mobility budgets that covers their transport needs.

RYDES offers all modes of mobility for leisure, office & business trips that are 100% carbon neutral and, in a tax optimized way for companies to get maximum value of the platform.

The RYDES, flexible mobility benefit is suitable for fast growth companies, that have between 50 to 500 employees.


One app for employees to access all modes of urban transport

RYDES packs in all popular mobility options in Europe in one app for employees. Teams prefer RYDES as it seamless integrates with HR software, saves valuable HR admin time & resources, offsets carbon emissions for all trips – irrespective of the mode of transport and is optimized for tax benefits & GDPR compliant.

Core functionalitites

  • Flexible & individual mobility budgets for all employees
  • Offsets carbon emissions for every trip
  • Optimal tax mapping structure

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

First, contact RYDES to create your account with them. Once you have the account you need to create the 2 necessary fields in your Personio account; in the Employees information section. Create the API credentials and input them into your RYDES account – login to the dashboard and go to the settings section. You are all set! Now in Personio add the mobility budget amounts to your employees and start offering the best mobility benefit.

Transfer of data

Data transmitted from Personio to RYDES: Employee ID, First name, Last name, Status, Email, IBAN, Hire date Data transmitted in both directions: Rydes Status, Mobility Budge

Contact RYDES

RYDES offers package for any specific company need!

FREE: Shared Mobility, Subscription Mobility, 100% CO2 Offseting
Price: 0€ per user per month

BASIC: All FREE Features, Public Transport, Select Offset Project, Tax-optimization, Employee Top Ups
Price: 3.90€ per user per month

PRO: All BASIC Features, Long-distance train, Business Trips, Car Leasing (soon), Priority Support, Integrations HR Systems, Sustainability Report
Price: 6.90€ per user per month

For further information please visite the RYDES website or book a webdemo.

RYDES integration screenshots

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