Recruitee integration

About Recruitee

Recruitee is an integrated cloud-based recruitment management and applicant tracking system (ATS) designed to assist internal HR teams of all sizes in organizing and scaling their hiring process. The solution features business branding, job multi-posting, candidate sourcing, applicant tracking recruitment analyzing, and more, all on an easy-to-use platform. Recruitee is designed to help you launch your hiring, scale your practices, and lead your hiring team.

Why Recruitee?

Recruite easier with Recruitee

Our users love Recruitee because we make it easy for everyone to use, making collaboration effortless. With Recruitee, you’ll have the functionality needed for an experienced recruiter with a user experience easy enough for any hiring manager or colleague to navigate with minimal to no training needed.

Core Functionalities

  • Automation tools such as send-later emails and the interview scheduler to reduce manual workload.
  • Customizations including pipeline, email, and questionnaire templates to build a hiring process tailored to the organization and workflow.
  • An intuitive user experience that makes it easy for everyone to use so communication and collaboration during the hiring process is a breeze.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

To use the integration with Personio, you will need your API credentials from Personio. Insert this into your Recruitee account to connect your two accounts and select which roles in Recruitee should be allowed to use the integration.

Transfer of Data

Recruitee sends the candidate’s email address, first and last name, gender, and job title to Personio to start your new hire’s profile in Personio.

Contact Recruitee

We have 3 plans at Recruitee for various recruitment experience levels. All of our plans come with an unlimited user capacity so you can collaborate with your hiring manager and colleagues. The integration with Personio is available to all of our plans.

Contact our sales team to ask questions or schedule a demo either through email at or through phone at +31 85 888 0226. We have an 18-day free trial. Sign up here!


Recruitee integration screenshots

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