Ravio integration

About Ravio

Ravio is a compensation platform for fast-growing SMEs in Europe, offering real-time market data and tools to help effectively manage and communicate compensation. Ravio exists to help companies attract and retain talent. The solution includes real-time data to benchmark compensation across various roles and levels, a comprehensive compensation framework, employee levelling services, and an internal compensation analytics dashboard.

Why Ravio?

Core functionalities

  • Market Compensation: Provides real-time data on compensation and benefits to build a competitive Total Rewards strategy.
  • Internal Analysis with Diversity Insights: Company dashboard to compare internal salaries to the market, identify gaps, internal diversity and build accurate salary bands.
  • Easy to setup: By integrating directly to Personio, users are up and running within minutes. Levelling services are included in the setup.
  • Made in and for Europe: A solution built in Europe with and for European companies.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Integration scope

  • User Provisioning: When you integrate Personio and Ravio, new employees are automatically added to Ravio when added in Personio - for continuous accurate management of your internal compensation structure.
  • Employee Lifecycle: Whenever employee salary data is updated in Personio it automatically updates in Ravio, too. This ensures your employee information is up-to-date all the time.
  • User Deprovisioning: When employees leave the company, the respective Ravio account is automatically deactivated.

Transfer of data

Employee data can be transferred between Ravio and Personio including:

  • gender
  • status
  • position
  • supervisor
  • employment type
  • weekly working hours
  • hire date
  • termination date
  • created at
  • office
  • department
  • fix salary
  • fix salary interval
  • hourly salary
  • team

Setting up the interface

  1. Create an account on ravio.com
  2. Navigate to ""Connect HRIS System"" and select Personio
  3. Insert the API credentials from Personio and click ""submit""
  4. Fill out a benefits survey while Ravios team checks & levels your information
  5. Ready to go!

Contact Ravio

All features and benefits described above are free of any charge. In the future, Ravio will offer premium products further enhancing the compensation management cycle. Fore more information visit the Ravio pricing page.

If you want to learn more about Ravio, visit the website, book a demo or start for free.

Ravio integration screenshots

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