Planetly integration

About Planetly

Planetly is the all-in-one solution for holistic carbon management. Planetly’s software solution enables companies to calculate, reduce, offset and communicate their carbon footprint based on international carbon accounting standards such as the GHG Protocol.

By completely automating the process of data collection, Planetly provides real-time analyses and benchmarks of a company’s carbon footprint and the required transparency and tools to reduce it.

The Planetly integration is offered exclusively as part of Personio Green.

Why Planetly?

Planetly - Your One-Stop-Shop for Carbon Management

  • Cutting-edge technology solution: intelligent data collection features, integrations, real-time calculations, interactive dashboards, advanced analytics & benchmarks for holistic carbon management
  • Leading methodology: full compliance with international carbon accounting standards (e.g. GHG Protocol, GLEC) & sustainability reporting standards (e.g. CDP, GRI, SBTi), global emission factor database
  • Expert guidance: a highly-qualified team of climate and sustainability experts with dedicated customer success managers to guide companies on their climate journeys

Core functionalities

  • Full software customisation to account for your organisation’s needs, including extensive activity scoping, advanced user role set-up and extensive onboarding
  • Efficient data collection with collaboration workflows, integrations, survey functions & project management dashboards for monitoring progress
  • Advanced analytics in an interactive dashboard, including a breakdown of your footprint by GHG scope, business activity & organisational entity, drill-down functions for emission hotspot analyses & industry benchmarks

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

To set up the integration as part of Personio Green, Personio’s support team will create new employee attributes. These new attributes, in addition to some of your existing attributes, will be accessible to Planetly once you generated your API credentials. Your Green Employer badge will be activated by our support team as soon as Planetly has confirmed with us that you have successfully completed the offsetting of your carbon emissions.

Transfer of data

Through this integration, a specific set of employee attributes are transferred from Personio to Planetly. These attributes contain information related to commuting behaviour as well as time spent working from home. No personally identifiable information will be transferred to Planetly.

Contact Planetly

The Planetly integration is offered exclusively as part of Personio Green.

Already a Personio customer? Planetly offers a special discount for Personio customers as the onboarding/consulting fee is waived. In addition, if you sign a contract with Planetly and successfully offset your CO2, Personio will help support your commitment with a 5% credit on your annual Personio payment.
Learn more about Personio Green here and contact the Personio team.

Planetly integration screenshots

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