Planerio integration

About Planerio

Planerio - shift planning perfectly fits Personio
Planerio is the specialist for complex shift planning and time management needs, especially in the healthcare industry. Its artificial intelligence-powered algorithm automatically calculates the optimal shift plan, taking employees' preferences and all other requirements into account. Planerio also offers different forms of fully integrated time tracking solutions (e.g. negative time tracking, terminals…), time management and preliminary payroll with interfaces to leading payroll and patient booking systems. Planerio saves costs, brings more time for patients and more happiness for employees.

Why Planerio?

Planerio: Intelligent Shift Planning for the healthcare industry and other system-relevant industries at the touch of a button

Planerio was developed by the radiologist Prof. Dr. Wieland Sommer, specifically for the healthcare industry, according to the motto: Shift Planning also means planning employees’ happiness. In the healthcare sector Planerio is not only able to deliver intelligent shiftplanning, but - as part of doctari group - can also fill personnel gaps with medical professionals.

Core functionalities

  • Automatic Shift Scheduling
  • Digital Time Tracking and payroll
  • Employee Self-Service App for easy shift swapping

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

  1. Contact Planerio and provide relevant information: which Planerio account to import into?
  2. Create a Planerio-specific API key in Personio and provide it to Planerio (e.g. as an encrypted zip file and send the password via telephone or SMS)
  3. Add relevant fields that should be transferred in the Personio API configuration. Provide this list of fields to Planerio.

Transfer of data

The employee master data will be transferred from Personio to Planerio.

Contact Planerio

For companies with 0-999 employees Planerio starts at € 2,90 per month / per employee. Companies with more than 1.000 employees will receive an individual offer. For an individual offer, please contact Planerio under

Planerio integration screenshots

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