Personio Active Sourcing Extension

Personio Active Sourcing Extension integration

About Personio Active Sourcing Extension

Personio Active Sourcing extension allows recruiters to seamlessly create an application in Personio from a candidate’s LinkedIn profile, and start the hiring process with just one click.

Why Personio Active Sourcing Extension?

Core functionalities

  • Easily add candidates to your hiring pipeline without copying and pasting
  • Add tags, notes and comments that will be added to the application
  • Enable better source tracking in Personio and supercharge your direct search

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Integration scope

Increase efficiency - with the Chrome extension, creating applications will be 3 times faster than uploading an applicant manually in Personio!

  • Supercharge your sourcing with just a few clicks. The Personio Active Sourcing Extension allows any member of a hiring team to automatically create an application from a LinkedIn profile in seconds.
  • Once Active Sourcing is installed in the browser, the Personio icon will appear when you use LinkedIn. When you’ve been in contact with a promising candidate, use the icon to open the extension on their LinkedIn page.
  • Select a position where they might be a fit. Next, you can easily import their personal details, upload supporting documents, and automatically create an application for them in Personio.

Personio Active Sourcing was built to help busy recruiters move faster to get top talent into the hiring pipeline.

Transfer of data

Applicant information are transferred from Personio to Personio including the following information:

  • first name
  • last name

Setting up the interface

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser
  2. Install the extension via Chrome Webstore
  3. Open a LinkedIn page and start using the extension!

Contact Personio

The extension is free for Personio Customers.

You can Contact Personio here.

The Active Sourcing Browser Extension

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