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About Peakon

Peakon is an employee success platform that converts feedback into insights you can put to work. For CHROs, CIOs and CEOs of innovative and people-forward organizations, Peakon activates every employee to take ownership for change.

Our customers use Peakon insights to make fundamental changes in how their organisation operates – from implementing new pay structures to meet transparency goals, to coaching managers to lead teams in more efficient ways.

Why Peakon?

Get the best out of your employees’ feedback with Peakon

Peakon’s highly accessible platform is easy to implement, use, and maintain. Our advanced machine learning leverages millions of responses from across the world to create meaningful insights you can put to work.

Data is analysed automatically — reducing the admin burden for HR and managers — while dynamic dashboards make it easy to share results and start a conversation about engagement.

Core Functionalities

  • Intelligent Listening provides a streamlined and personalized experience for employees, automatically adjusting questions on their recent feedback and stage in the employee lifecycle.
  • Natural Language Processing: understanding the “Why” by generating insights related to grassroot sentiment and trending topics
  • Contextual Benchmark: accounting for demographic qualities to fairly represent scoring behaviours of different employee segments using a database of over 100 million unique survey responses

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

Peakon has an out-of-the-box integration with Personio allowing automatic transfer of employee data from Personio to Peakon. The connection is made through Personio’s Personnel Data API by generating API key secrets and entering them in Peakon.

Transfer of Data

Basic employee data from Personio such as name, job title, department, manager is synced with Peakon with the option to sync any additional fields from Personio.

Contact Peakon

The Personio integration is available for Peakon Business and Premier customers. More on Peakon’s packages can be found here.

Please get in touch with Peakon’s Sales team at or book a demo!

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