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About Pave

Pave offers the the largest real-time compensation benchmarking dataset for growth-stage companies, for free. Securely integrate your systems with in minutes, and access free US and European benchmarking data for life. Never fill out a spreadsheet again and gain access to real-time data from its source of truth.

Why Pave?

Core Functionalities

  • Real-time: Integrations with the source of truth means that the benchmarks are always reflective of what the market is paying, today
  • Free: Pave's compensation benchmarks are free, forever
  • Global Cash & Equity Benchmarks: Salary is only one part of compensation; Pave offers access to variable compensation, equity as well as salary
  • Perpetual access: Forget the manual, annual surveys associated with other compensation surveys; set up Pave once and get access to worldwide compensation data for life
  • Easy Integrations: Pave integrates with Personio & your cap table system in minutes

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Integration scope

Pave integrates with Personioto to offer free real-time, verified cash & equity benchmarks. When you connect Pave to Personio, you get instant access to over 250,000 anonymous compensation data points across Europe and the US.

Transfer of data

Employee data is transferred from Pave to Personio including:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email
  • gender
  • status
  • position
  • supervisor
  • employment type
  • weekly working hours
  • hire date
  • termination date
  • office
  • department
  • cost centers
  • work_schedule
  • fix salary
  • fix salary interval
  • hourly salary

Setting up the interface

In Pave
1. Log in to Pave at
2. Navigate to the Integrations tab in Benchmarking
3. Select Personio from the HRIS/Payroll dropdown
4. Paste the client ID and secret generated by Personio into the the boxes provided
5. Click Submit

Contact Pave

Pave's compensation benchmarking tool is free.
Sign up for Pave's free real-time compensation benchmarks here.

If you have questions, please reach out to

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