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About Orgnostic

Orgnostic is the people analytics platform for fast-growing companies. It provides HR and leadership with high-quality organizational insights about talent acquisition, turnover, talent management, and DE&I.

Integrating with Orgnostic helps CHROs and management teams quickly gain visibility on important organizational metrics. This allows you to make data-enabled people decisions without hiring additional data scientists or a people analytics team.

Automatically link scattered HR data from multiple sources such as HRIS, ATS, Performance Management systems, and similar. Orgnostic will then audit the data and enrich it with automated employee surveys to provide you with premium insights into your workforce and support you in planning your company's growth.

Why Orgnostic?

Connect all of your people data to get meaningful insights

Imagine having the ability to pull data from all of your HR tools (HRIS, ATS, LMS) into a unified view to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employee journey, plan action points, and strategize on how to improve.

With Orgnostic, you get to understand, report, and improve your people metrics.

Core functionalities

  • People Analytics Overview - connect Personio with Orgnostic to get actionable insights and actions through people metrics divided in 10 chapters: Headcount, Talent Acquisition, DE&I, Talent management, Rewards, Culture, Employee Wellbeing, Team Effectiveness, Turnover, Leadership.
  • Data Filler & Diagnostic Surveys - activate automatic surveys to collect additional data to better understand employee engagement, and plan for talent retention and development.
  • Data Health - get an overview of your data health to save time cleaning data. Orgnostic will point out concrete fields where you are missing data or where the data is incorrect.
  • What-if - get valuable insights from your data through What-if analyses that help connect your business goals with people strategy.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

Orgnostic supports two modes of connecting: via supplying an API token or via OAuth flow. In order to connect Personio to Orgnostic, you need to set up an API token in Personio’s interface, as described in Orgnostic’s help center, and supply it on a dedicated page for connection. After the token is supplied and verified, data transfer will be initiated in the background.

You, as a Personio client, will get an overview of your people analytics in a matter of 2 to 4 hours.

Transfer of data

Employee master data (all available standard and custom fields) and absence data are transferred to Orgnostic only for reading with the goal of providing an overview of your people data. Orgnostic does not own nor change any of your data.

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