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About orginio

orginio is an easy-to-use cloud application for the automated creation of org charts focused on the requirements of small- and medium-sized companies. Thanks to its integration with Personio, structures can easily be updated. Besides organizational structures, orginio also displays important KPIs within the org chart. Additionally, it allows for workforce modeling via drag-and-drop allowing to better plan for future scenarios.

Why orginio?

Org charting made simple

With orginio, the task of manually drawing and updating org charts is one of the past. It automatically displays your organizational structure based on your Personio data. The options to also display key metrics along the hierarchy and to conduct workforce modeling without modifying the original org chart make orginio an effective strategic tool for executives and HR managers.

Core Functionalities

  • Quick and simple org charting: Create and design your org chart within minutes.
  • Modeling for easier decision-making: Model potential structural changes in a user-friendly manner simply via drag-and-drop and evaluate their consequences before implementing them.
  • The org chart as a strategic tool: Visualize key metrics within the organizational structure.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

Grant orginio access to the following fields in the section Settings > API > Access in your Personio account: First name, last name, email, gender, status, position, supervisor, department, profile picture.

Create and download a “PersonioAPICredentials.txt” file in the section Settings > API > Credentials in your Personio account by clicking on “Generate new credentials” in the section “Employee data API credentials”.

Upload the “PersonioAPICredentials.txt” file to orginio to automatically create your org chart.

Transfer of Data

Certain employee master data will be transferred from Personio to orginio. There is no transfer from orginio to Personio. The following attributes will be transferred: Identifier, first name, last name, email, gender, status, position, supervisor, department, profile picture.

Contact originio

orginio offers different pricing packages. Costs depend on the number of objects that are to be displayed and the chosen feature set. In the free version 50 objects are included. As of the 51st object, pricing starts at 11$/month.
All pricing information can be found here:
Get started by registering here:

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