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About MuchSkills

MuchSkills is a modern team skills matrix visualization tool and methodology that helps organizations discover the available and missing competencies in their different teams and departments. It also makes it easy for anyone to search and identify domain experts and other professional skills in their teams.

This interactive skills visibility allows organizations to help employees identify and focus on their strengths and increase engagement. The MuchSkills methodology includes training, coaching and research-based documentation to help managers, HR professionals and CEOs increase employee engagement and productivity.

Why MuchSkills?

Skills management with MuchSkills

MuchSkills is a skills management and data visualization tool that makes it easy for every member of an organization to plot, track and plan skills growth at both an individual and organizational level. The software is perfect for growing teams, merging organizations, scale ups and consulting services.

Core Functionalities

  • Single point of truth and collective skills database of the entire organisation.
  • Easy competence and expertise search function.
  • Award winning/ patent-pending UX and User Interface for end users.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

In your MuchSkills Team Settings page, go to the tab called API Integrations (Team > Settings > Integrations > Personio Integration). Enter your Client ID and Client Secret from your Personio account. Click on “Save” to start the synchronization. For a detailed support, click here.

Transfer of Data

Employee master data, email, reporting structures, employment type, office, department and profile picture are synchronized and fully automated. Syncronization will run frequently to ensure up-to-date data on the MuchSkills platform.

Contact MuchSkills

MuchSkills comes at a cost of €5 per user, per month when subscribed annually and €7 per user, per month when subscribed monthly.

If you have any questions please reach out to or sign up to MuchSkills for free.

MuchSkills integration screenshots

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