MEP24web integration

About MEP24web

MEP24web is a software solution for your rostering, time recording and employee communication. More than 68,000 employees, mainly from pharmacies, medical practices, clinics, and commerce, are scheduled using MEP24web.

MEP24web: Flexibly adaptable to your needs

  • The scalability of the application allows it to be used in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as in larger companies with several thousand employees.
  • Time recording terminals for legally compliant working time recording can be integrated optionally.

Advantages of employee scheduling with MEP24web

  • Time savings for you and transparency for your employees through the use of employee portals and apps for digital time recording.
  • Cost savings through need-based planning.

Why MEP24web?

Specialist for employee scheduling and time recording

MEP24web makes your personnel planning easy, fast, and team-oriented. For over 25 years, MEP24web has specialized in need-based rostering. Transparency for employees and clear planning, in which the entire team can be involved, make everyday planning fast and stress-free.

Core functionalities


  • clear and fast with automatic plan updating
  • time accounts and vacation planning
  • need-based planning

Time recording:

  • legally compliant working time recording is included
  • mobile time recording for all employees
  • time recording is possible without or with hardware
  • logs and print lists

Employee communication:

  • individual employee portal with shift swap and vacation requests
  • automated reports
  • distribution of documents to the team
  • two smartphone apps for planners and employees

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

As an existing customer, you can submit a request by e-mail or via the ticket system. You will then receive instructions from the MEP24web support team on how to set up the interface.

Transfer of data

Currently, absences are transferred from Personio to MEP24web. An exchange of employee scheduling and time recording data from MEP24web to Personio is being developed.

Contact MEP24web

MEP24web offers a complete solution for your rostering and time recording - there are no hidden costs. The price is made up of two components and is based on the number of your employees. There is a one-time startup and training package, and monthly costs. On the MEP24web homepage you can find a price calculator and more details about the costs:

The MEP24web sales team is available for questions and free presentations of MEP24web. You can contact their staff by email at, by phone on +49 6220 30799-10 or via the contact form on the homepage Existing customers can contact the MEP24web support team by email at, by telephone on +49 6220 30799-20 Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, or via the ticket system in MEP24web.

MEP24web integration screenshots

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