About is the fastest way to hire developers.
Companies get matches with candidates whose tech stack and mindset match the requirements of a job. This makes the hiring process smarter, more economical and more objective than ever before.


Efficient recruiting with

The automated matching algorithm saves companies up to 50% time in the recruiting process and reduces their costs by 40%. Due to personality information and consideration of individual goals, the sickness rate and fluctuation in companies decreases. offers real-time exchange, avoidance of wrong decisions and reduction of discrimination.

Core Functionalities

  • Curated and easy matching with software developers
  • Efficient collaboration between HR and software department
  • Guidance on how to create and publish developer jobs

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

From the company profile:
1. Go to settings
2. "Select" Apps and Integration
3. Add Personio as an app
4. Enter the URL of the company page on Personio
5. Follow the link to Personio settings to get the Company ID and Recruiting API access token there
6. Enter Company ID and Recruiting API access token back at
7. "Click "Done
To import a job from Personio:
8. "+ Select job ad" button
9. Select "Import job" in the popup
10. Select job to import
11. Fill in missing information

Transfer of Data

from to Personio: candidate information (first name, last name, salary, email, phone number, documents)

from Personio to job ID and title, job description, type of employment, full-time or part-time, working hours, “Your Profile” (free text), “Your Mission” (free text)


At, costs are only incurred for incoming applications. If a developer accepts a job, 49€ net per application is charged. Regardless of whether the person accepts a match first or the company accepts first. There are no further costs.
There is also cost protection. Only the first 30 applications are charged, everything after that is free.

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