About is a job matching platform and sourcing tool that intelligently connects developers with companies and because every person is unique, the algorithm brings them together individually – yet fully automated.


Core Functionalities

  • Easy Sourcing: Curated and easy matching with software developers.
  • Quick Results: Meet highly skilled tech talent on different experience levels within seconds.
  • Collaborative Tool: Efficient collaboration between HR and software department.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

In 1. Go to Settings -> select ”Apps and Integrations” 3. Add Personio 4. Enter the URL of the company page on Personio 5. Follow the link to Personio settings to get the Company ID and Recruiting API access token there 6. Enter Company ID and Recruiting API access token back at Optionally, a channel ID can also be specified in order to assign the applicants directly. 7. Click "Done"

How to integrate a job: 1. Go to “Jobs” and select the desired job 2. Click on the ATS Button and select the desired job in the list 3. Click “Link”

How the integration works

  • Candidate Export Curated and automated matching with software developers. When a successful Match is created, the candidate information is automatically exported from to the respective open position in Personio for a seamless workflow.

Transfer of Data

from to Personio: candidate information (first name, last name, salary, email, phone number, documents)

from Personio to job ID and title, job description, type of employment, full-time or part-time, working hours, “Your Profile” (free text), “Your Mission” (free text)


The price for depends on the selected package. For more information visit the pricing page.

Essential: 15% of annual gross salary

Professional: 79€/Application

Business: 1499€/month for 3 months contract duration 999€/month for 6 months contract duration 749€/month for 12 months contract duration

If you would like to learn more about or have any questions, visit the website or the help and contact center. integration screenshots

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