LoopNow integration

About LoopNow

Agile feedback, goal and performance management with LoopNow

LoopNow is the intelligent and cloud-based solution for continuous, automated employee surveys, 360°-feedbacks and OKR-management. Science-based questionnaires allow an easy start, survey results update in real time and pre-defined goals have clear responsibilities. Support your employees with a holistic platform to increase engagement, productivity as well as company success.

Why LoopNow?

With LoopNow you will put your employees and teams front and center while at the same time reducing effort for HR and executives drastically. One reason amongst many is an intuitive use proven by the high usage rates of their customer’s employees. To guarantee a successful implementation tailored to your company’s needs, LoopNow provides supplementary consulting and training with their experts.

Core Functionalities

  • Agile OKR – Objective Management
  • Direct and 360° feedback
  • Regular employee surveys
  • Team based feedback

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

The Personio Sync integration is set up in the organization settings section of LoopNow. You need the OAuth access data (ClientId, ClientSecret) from the Personio account. Afterwards you can synchronize the users from Personio to LoopNow at any time.

Transfer of Data

Personal data (e-mail address, first name and last name) as well as manager and department of the employees are synchronized from Personio to LoopNow.

Contact LoopNow

LoopNow costs 7€ per user per month with a minimum contract period of one year. The minimum price is 280€ per month. Loopline Systems contact person is Navina Nauta. If you are interested, you can always arrange a demo appointment with her or visit our [website] (https://www.loopline-systems.com/de/loopnow/).

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