Ledgy integration

About Ledgy

Ledgy is the equity management platform used by 2,000+ companies, including some of the most well-known scale-ups and unicorns. Founders, CFOs, and HR teams in more than 32 countries trust Ledgy to streamline their equity-related activities, including: employee incentive plans, financing rounds, and investor relations.

Why Ledgy?

Manage Your Equity and Stakeholders From One Place

Ledgy is the only multi-sided platform that brings together your key stakeholders: employees and investors on one intuitive platform. Easy to use and compliant in all countries, Ledgy comes with enterprise-ready security that ensures your company’s data and privacy are well protected.

Core functionalities

  • Equity Plan Automation: build end-to-end equity workflows once and manage them at scale; from digital granting and exercising to signature workflows
  • Cap Table Management: maintain a transaction-based, single source of truth that’s always accurate, compliant, and audit-ready
  • Scenario & Exit Modeling: map out your company’s future and make decisions based on data. Engage your employees with their own dashboard and tangible scenarios and align your investors with automated reporting

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

In order to connect Ledgy with Personio, one needs to set up the integration in the Personio Settings → API Credentials → Generate new credentials:
1. Choose a name for the newly created credentials
2. Select "Ledgy" or "Others" in the Dropdown "Integrations"
3. Allow read access on Employee information
4. Add the employee attributes that should be shared with Ledgy
5. Now click "Generate new credentials". A client Id and a secret key will be generated.
6. Log in to Ledgy and go to the settings of the company you want to connect with Personio
7. In the section "HR System Integration" click on "Connect" to open the settings for a new HR integration.
8. Select Personio from the Dropdown and paste the previously generated client Id and secret into the fields below. Save these settings.
9. Click on "Configure" in the "HR System Integration" section to configure the integration. Wait a few seconds, until the available Personio employee attributes have been detected.
10. Select the personio attribute on the left that you want to sync to a Ledgy stakeholder attribute on the right. Name and e-mail are automatically matched.
11. One can also conditionally sync employees by selecting a condition in the bottom of the form under "Sync if".
12. You can always add more employee attributes in the Personio settings as outlined in section 4 by editing the Personio integration settings. Click "Load Personio Fields" in your Ledgy Personio Configuration Dialog to receive the newly available fields.
13. Save the settings

Transfer of data

  • The available data that are available to Ledgy for synchronisation are specified in the Personio API credential settings
  • In the HR Integration Section of your Ledgy company settings you can specify how those data should be synchronized. You can choose which employee attribute will be mapped to which field of a Ledgy stakeholder.
  • Click on "Sync now" to start the synchronization. Before any data is written to your Ledgy company, you will see a dialog showing you which employees will be created or updated on Ledgy. You can then confirm or cancel the the actual synchronization.

Contact Ledgy

Ledgy’s offers Personio customers a 30% discount on all plans for 12months, you can find more information on pricing here.

Feel free to reach out directly at sales@ledgy.com, book a custom in-depth demo or take a tour through Ledgy’s dashboard.


Ledgy integration screenshots

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