Landing.Jobs integration

About Landing.Jobs

Landing.Jobs makes hiring tech professionals easy. Companies connect with our pre-assessed community of 160K+ local and international tech professionals, hire the right tech talent for their company and pay them anywhere.

Why Landing.Jobs?

Your one-stop-shop for tech hiring and payment needs

Landing.Jobs offers personalized solutions according to each company’s needs. Whether it’s hiring or paying tech talent, we offer our expertise and make it easier for companies to focus on their business.

Core functionalities

  • Access to a community of 160K+ tech professionals
  • Evaluation tools to easily get the right match of talent for your needs
  • Packages with employer branding, workforce payment solutions, VISA & Relocation services, Tech recruitment specialists and more.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

  • Get your Personio API key
  • Go to Landing.Jobs, under Company Settings > Integrations, choose Personio ATS
  • Enter the API key
  • Go to your Job Ads on Landing.Jobs, choose the option “Pair with ATS”
  • Select the corresponding job ad on your Personio
  • Done!

Transfer of data

Applicant data is transferred from Landing.Jobs to Personio. This data includes applicant contacts, CV and assessments regarding the job for which they applied. This data is transferred after the candidate applies to the job and after the application clears Landing.Jobs pre-screening.

Contact Landing.Jobs

We mainly work with subscription plans, where every customer can hire as many professionals as they need. However, we adapt solutions to our customers’ needs. Advanced plans include services to boost sourcing, unlimited access to our community and a few evaluation tools to better assess the fit of candidates.

As add-ons, we supply services that include Workforce Payments, Employer Branding initiatives and Tech Recruiters as A Service, among others benefits.

For more information visit our website or book a demo.

Landing.Jobs integration screenshots

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