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About intertempi

intertempi is the platform to manage your hybrid office and flex space.

Your employees can book office resources such as desks, rooms, parking etc. via floorplan, calendar, and timeline views. Or they simply do a check- in with their home office. Given the transparency around office attendance of teams/colleagues, networking, collaboration and teamwork are supported.

With real time office data, you can understand your office usage vs. capacity to optimize the office experience and cut/sublease office space that isn’t utilized. intertempi can also be leveraged to manage your flex space to allow effective subleasing, e.g., invoicing/payments and digital access via app.

intertempi’s online solution is simple, white-labeled and easy to implement.

Why intertempi?

Hybrid work at ease.

With intertempi you can easily go hybrid with whatever model you prefer. Implementation is quick and easy and you can give the platform your own brand experience.

Core functionalities

  • Book your office online anytime from anywhere.
  • Visualize your office availability and occupancy for full transparency.
  • Stop wasting money and be more sustainable by turning unused office areas into a flex space.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

With a few clicks you can connect your Personio account to transfer relevant employee data into the intertempi platform. No messy excel sheets or manual work but automatic data import.

Transfer of data

We apply the highest GDPR standards with servers hosted in Germany. Only the very basic employee details (first and last name as well as email) is synced with Personio.

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