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About IDENTsmart

The IDENTsmart TimeRecording solution is a simple, affordable and innovative all-in-one solution that enables small and medium-sized companies to keep perfect track of their employees' working hours.

As individual as your company - Employees record their working hours using an RFID card or token (chip/keyfob) at one or more ID800 time recording terminals. Optionally, the bookings can also be recorded via the browser, whether in the home office or on the road. Every coming, going, break or other absence is registered. Quickly and easily from multiple locations. The HR manager and team leaders can view everything in real time and centralized in the dashboard of the web-based time recording solution.

IDENTsmart TimeRecording and the ID800 time recording terminals are innovative to use and offer all key features of a modern time recording for companies up to 500 and more employees.

Why IDENTsmart?

Core Functionalities

  • Time tracking
  • Terminals with touchscreens
  • Automated reports

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

CSV export files are created in IDENTsmart TimeRecording for Personio, which are imported directly into Personio without further preparation.

Transfer of Data

Once the attendance times are imported into Personio, they can be viewed in the employee's profile. The CSV report is used to import the employee's date, start time, end time and break times.

Contact IDENTsmart

In addition to the one-time purchase costs for the hardware, you need licenses for the TimeRecording web application according to the number of employees. The IDENTsmart TimeRecording Starterkit Basic for up to 15 employees - including ID800 terminal, 1-year license for 15 employees and 15 employee cards or tokens (chips/keyfobs) - as well as additional ID800 terminals, cards, tokens and licenses can be purchased directly from the web store or from the IDENTsmart sales team. The time and attendance system can be expanded at any time to include additional ID800 terminals and employees.

For questions about IDENTsmart TimeRecording products, please contact the IDENTsmart sales team directly

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