HRider integration

About HRider

HRider is a specialized solution that helps HR professionals to easily manage their performance assessment and talent development processes. Indicated for organizations of any size or sector looking for an agile system that deals in depth with the strategic management of HR.

Why HRider?

Talent management with HRider

HRider complements HR operational management solutions thanks to its specialization in strategic talent management. It allows an advanced People Analytics Solution that is 100% configurable by the HR professional, giving freedom and autonomy. Design any aspect to be measured: skills, behaviors, tasks, knowledge or KPI’s. Adapt your look & feel and corporate language.
Easy Plug & Play system available from minute 1: without installation or implementation needs. HRider is available in different languages and provides onboarding to help customers set up their account.

Core functionalities

  • Performance Management & 360º Feedback
  • Satisfaction and Work Environment & Culture surveys
  • Individual Action Plans
  • Talent Mapping (N-Box)
  • Psychosocial risk assessment
  • Real time reporting
  • Onboarding included

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

With a single click you can bring your entire Personio Organization: Employee profiles, photos, organization chart and start launching your internal feedback processes. You can update any data of the people at any time.

Transfer of Data

From Personio to HRider:

  • Employee Personal Data
  • Employee Position: Office, Department, Job Position
  • Employee Supervisor
  • Organizational structure

From HRider to Personio:
You can feed the employee's profile with their scores and reports generated by HRider.

Contact HRider

The cost for HRider is based on the number of people you subscribe for your account.
Access is complete to all modules / features.
Personio clients signing up for HRider will get 20% on an annual subscription.

For more information please contact or sign up for a free demo here.

HRider integration screenshots

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