HiPeople integration

About HiPeople

HiPeople keeps your hiring data-driven, on point, and on time. Everything you need to know about your candidates. Automatically collected, all in one place. Unlock your team’s best hiring capabilities with:

  • Candidate assessments
  • Reference checks
  • Candidate experience feedback
  • Quality of Hire analytics

Why HiPeople?

Core functionalities

  • Candidate Assessments
    Hipeople assessments turn the painstaking process of resume screening into a breeze. Assess candidates across hard skills, soft skills, and personality traits across culture fit, and cognitive abilities– so you can focus on the best fit for the job.

  • Reference Checks
    Choose what you want to learn about a candidate, and who you want to learn it from. HiPeople verify references, so you can focus on what matters. HiPeople’s fraud detection provides reference checks you can trust.

  • Candidate Experience Feedback
    Create a consistent, positive candidate experiences and stay on-brand. HiPeople Candidate Experience Feeback makes it easy to measure your candidate experience, and understand what drives it.

  • Quality of Hire
    Close the data gap in your hiring game and collect feedback on your Quality of Hire. Learn from your hiring managers whether the new hires matche the role, team and organization.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Integration scope

Streamline your hiring process with HiPeople by importing all your open roles directly to HiPeople, saving you time and errors.

Setting up the interface

  1. Write an email to support@hipeople.io asking to get enabled.
  2. Go to organization settings in your HiPeople application.
  3. Scroll to the section "Import roles from Personio".
  4. Enter the URL to your Personio public jobs page.
  5. Select a language.
  6. Click on the import button.

Contact HiPeople

If you are interested in HiPeople and would like to learn more about the tool, start your free trial here or book your personal web demo here.
HiPoeple customers who have open qustions, can reach out to the HiPeople support team here.

HiPeople integration screenshots

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