HeyJobs integration

About HeyJobs

HeyJobs uses modern technologies and data models to match the right companies with the right talent.

The intelligent recruiting solution helps companies find qualified candidates and achieve hiring goals at scale through performance marketing, machine learning and a mobile application solution.

Over 1500 large and small companies use HeyJobs, including Deutsche Bahn, Douglas, Marc O’Polo, DPD, Wisag, Edeka, Telefónica and Diakonie.

HeyJobs is an HR-Tech company. It was founded in 2016 by Marius Luther and Marius Jeuck in Berlin and employs over 120 people.

Why HeyJobs?

Efficient recruiting with HeyJobs

HeyJobs has a wide reach: With just one click, the company’s job advertisement is displayed to exactly the right target group on over 1000 pages.

HeyJobs delivers qualified candidates: HR managers can ask about qualifications in advance using selection questions. Looking at which channels generate the most qualified applications the algorithm then allocates budget.

HeyJobs is cost-effective: Only those channels generating suitable applications receive a marketing budget. The budget is distributed daily and fully automatically.

HeyJobs is fast: In 95% of the cases, companies receive their first candidate within 24 hours.

Core Functionalities

  • Online job posting for active and passive candidates on job portals and social media using performance marketing.
  • Generating more qualified candidates due to daily and fully automatic budget distribution to best performing channels, through the self-learning HeyJobs algorithm.
  • Mobile-optimized application: online application for job seekers and automatic pre-qualification.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

Job positions can be imported automatically by HeyJobs with an XML-Feed and incoming applications are transferred directly to Personio by API. The required setup is easily done in Personio in 5 minutes. In the setting, an API key has to be generated and HeyJobs has to be listed as a recruiting channel. With the created API key and the channel ID, HeyJobs can set up the integration.

Transfer of Data

Open positions are transmitted to HeyJobs via the XML feed (job titel, job description, job location). The API is used to transfer data of applicants to Personio.

Contact HeyJobs

The integration between HeyJobs and Personio is free of charge. Depending on the job type, HeyJobs offers different prices for a 30-day job posting period (starting from 700 Euros) partly with a performance guarantee for the number of incoming applications. Depending on the volume of advertised positions, special packages are offered. Contact us via e-mail or visit our website.

HeyJobs integration screenshots

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