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About HelloID

The personnel system is the perfect basis for automated and error-free user management
The personnel system is the perfect basis for automated and error-free user management.
By means of a connector between Personio and the network, each employee automatically receives appropriate access to systems and data. The personnel and IT departments are significantly relieved and data security in the network is increased.

Why HelloID?

User Provisioning with HelloID

The HR department only has to focus on administering their own Personio HR System. Changes resulting from on- and offboarding, department- or name changes, etc., are automatically reported to the IT department, in time and error free.

Based on the employee data, which is managed in Personio anyway, useraccounts and entitlements are created, updated and deleted in the various systems in the network automatically. This saves the IT department a lot of time, gives more control and at the same time increases data security and compliance.

Core functionalities

Automated onboarding: productive from day one From day one, your employees get immediate access to your data, systems and applications

Automated change processes: no more accumulation of authorizations If a user changes a department, the required authorizations are automatically updated according to the Business Rules. Each employee receives only the authorizations needed for their position and job

Automated off-boarding: no accounts, authorizations and licenses for ex-employees Upon leaving, all accounts, authorizations and licenses of the employee are promptly and completely blocked again.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

For the Personio-HelloID Connector to be implented you need the User Provisioning Module from HelloID. Please let us know if you don't have it installed yet: info@tools4ever.de

You can find the connector and more information about the implementation here: https://github.com/Tools4everBV/HelloID-Conn-Prov-Source-Personio

Transfer of Data

In the Connector you can specify which employee master data should be transferred.

Contact HelloID

For pricing information or if you want to learn more about HelloID please do not hesitate contact HelloID at sales@tools4ever.de.

HelloID integration screenshots

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