Google Single Sign-On

Google Single Sign-On integration

About Google Single Sign-On

Google SSO is a single sign-on option for G Suite users. With Google SSO, access to Personio can be controlled centrally via G-Suite.

Why Google Single Sign-On?

Central control and one-click login with Google SSO

Never forget your username or password again - with Google SSO, employees can log in to Personio with just one click, using their Google login data.

Core Functionalities

  • Simplified login
  • Access synchronization (after activation/deactivation of an access in G-Suite, the access in Personio is also activated or deactivated)

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

Google SSO can be activated directly in your Personio account. Under Settings > Authentication > Google Auth you can enable Google SSO with just one check mark.

Transfer of Data

The Google e-mail address of an employee is matched with the e-mail address stored in Personio. If these are identical and Google SOO is activated, the employee can log in to Personio without assigning an additional password. Access management takes place exclusively in G-Suite. If an email address is activated or deactivated here, access in Personio is also activated or deactivated, as well.

Google Single Sign-On integration screenshots

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