Google Calendar integration

About Google Calendar

This calendar integration allows you to link your Google company calendar with Personio. In the area of HR management, absences entered in Personio can be transferred directly to your company calendar. In recruiting, the calendar integration simplifies interview planning by automatically synchronizing employee calendars and meeting rooms.

Why Google Calendar?

View availabilities more easily thanks to calendar integration

Calendar integration in Personio covers two areas:

HR management:
By setting up a calendar integration, your employees’ absences can be automatically transferred to their personal company calendar. For example, if an employee enters vacation in Personio, the corresponding absence period is also stored in their calendar. You can then immediately see whether a colleague is available when creating an appointment.

See the availability of your colleagues, at a glance, and book meeting rooms for applicant interviews directly from Personio. View the calendars of participating colleagues, select an available appointment, and send an invitation. The appointment invitations are then directly marked in colleagues' calendars.

Core Functionalities

  • Always know who is available: Absences entered in Personio are directly transferred to personal company calendars.
  • Easier planning of recruiting interviews: Availability of participating colleagues and rooms can be displayed and booked directly in Personio.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

The integration with your Google Calendar can be set up under Settings > Calendars > Calendar Integration. To enable the integration, a user needs administrator rights in Personio, as well as in the company calendar, to be linked.

Transfer of Data

  • Transfer of absences from Personio to the company calendar of employees
  • Synchronization of employee calendars and meeting rooms for scheduling throughout the recruiting process

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