Figures integration

About Figures

Figures offers reliable start-up & scale-up salaries for Germany, France ...and beyond. Figures provides compensation benchmarks, gender equality audits, and gives further insights so you can make qualitative & informed decisions about your compensation.

Why Figures?

Reliable compensation data with Figures

With Figures you can access compensation data from more than 170+ start-ups & scale-ups with currently 12.000+ employees (as of November 2021) - and Figures is constantly growing.

Core functionalities

  • Real-time compensation market data from start-ups and scale-ups per role/level, filterable per company headcount, funding, industry, and further filter options.
  • Dedicated company dashboard with an overview of your market positioning and an accurate salary grid for your plannings.
  • Access to detailed gender equality indicators for data-based gender pay gap audits.
  • Risk analysis with areas of attention, for example, underpaid employees at risk of leaving.
  • Unlimited access to the platform for your team: founders, executives, HR team, managers, you can add anyone you want (with full or restricted access).
  • Continuously new compensation data sets for Germany, France and further European countries.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

  • As a Figures company administrator, head to your account settings and click on “Integrations”, then “Personio”
  • Enter your Personio “Client ID” & “Client Secret”, then click on “Connect to Personio”
  • To get more information on how to access your ID & Secret, please visit our support page at

Transfer of data

Your employee data (ID, job titles, locations and salary data) will be synchronised from Personio to Figures on a daily basis.

Contact Figures

Special discount for Personio clients: Get 20% discount on your first yearly Figures’ subscription!

Pricing details for Figures can be found here: You can also visit the Figures home page for more information & trial version at

For a short demo meeting on Figures' compensation management solution please send an email to Sarah ( or book a slot via Calendly.

Figures integration screenshots

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