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About e2n

e2n is a software solution for employee management. It manages all information in one place – from a clear overview of relevant data, to structured planning as well as payroll preparation. As e2n have years of experience in employee management, they understand what really matters for e2n's customers. Thus, e2n simplifies all the processes involved and makes them more attractive to employers as well as employees.

Why e2n?

Core functionalities

  • Efficient: The perfect roster is based on sales. Shifts are filled considering overtime, availabilities, and planned productivity.

  • Automated: Digital time recording reduces administrative input while providing all data relevant for payrolls.

  • Transparent: With the E2N Personal Login, employees retrieve relevant data, such as their working hours. This improves employee satisfaction.

  • Success-oriented: The E2N journal shows and compares planned and actual figures of productivity, personnel deployment, as well as other relevant KPIs. This improves transparency and companies discover their full potential.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Integration scope

Enhance your employee management processes by automatically creating a new employee in E2N whenever a candidate is hired in Personio. All relevant data is transferred, saving you time and errors. E2N shows you transparent which employees are imported from Personio.

Transfer of data

Employee data can be transferred between e2n and Personio including:

  • first name
  • last name
  • gender
  • hire date

Setting up the interface

  1. Open E2N, click on your name on the right top and navigate to Administration > HR.
  2. Select the integration “Personio”.
  3. Insert your Client Id as well as your Client Secret.
  4. Click on “Save”.

Contact e2n

The price for e2n depends on your company size. E2n prepared different packages for you:

Package S, up to 20 employees: 120 Euro per month

Package M, up to 40 employees: 180 Euro per month

Package L, up to 60 employees: 240 Euro per month

More than 60 employees? Contact e2n via E-Mail: info@e2n.de

Please contact e2n via E-Mail or Phone: info@e2n.de or +49 931 / 730 440-10

You can also test e2n in a one week free trial here.

Work scheduling with e2n

e2n integration screenshots

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