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About e2mod

The "e2mod Personio to AD connector" synchronizes information between Personio and onpremises AD. The connector is based on the proven product "e2mod" with currently more than 250.000 users. e2mod lets you manage (Azure) Active Directory and Exchange environments fast, comfortably and according to Best Practices in multi domain, multi tenant or other heterogenous infrastructures. e2mod reduces, standardizes and simplifies your IT operations.
In short: better access, more control and less cost.

Why e2mod?

Core functionalities

  • Synchronizes Personio with Active Directory information.
  • Data only needs to be entered on one side of the sync improving data quality and workflows.
  • "Out of office" in Personio can trigger out-of-office messages to be sent from Outlook.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Integrations scope

All relevant data is automatically synchronized, saving time and errors.

Setting up the interface

  1. Navigate to Administrative Settings > Personio
  2. Insert the API credentials from Personio
  3. Choose which data shall be transferred
  4. Click on "Submit"

The process of setting up is part of the installation of the on premises software.


The e2mod Personio to AD Connector is available at a straight purchase price or an subscription model and depend on the size of your organization. Prices start at less than EUR 1 per month per user for a minimum contract duration of one year.

Please mail facts&figures at info@facts-figures.de to set up an initial call.

e2mod integration screenshots

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