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About Degura

The Degura Pension Cloud brings structure, simplicity and security to the company pension schemes (bAV) and helps to digitize and to automate all HR processes around the offer, communication and administration of company pensions. With the multilingual offering inside the Degura Pension Cloud, employees can obtain information about the employer's pension offering at any time and from any location, as well as request or conclude a pension offer completely digitally and on-demand. If required, employees can also receive advice on their pension situation from their individual Degura Pension Consultant via chat or video consultation at any time.

The Degura Pension Cloud can be individually configured according to the employer's needs. All important employee data is always just a click away for HR. Digital processes transform the company pension offering (bAV) from a non-value-adding "must-have" for the employer to a real benefit tool in the competition for the best talent.

This makes manual paper-based HR processes and non-transparent broker services to employees a thing of the past.

Why Degura?

Degura makes company pensions a fully digital and hassle-free experience!

Higher employee satisfaction: Our digital Pension Cloud gives your employees easy and understandable access to company pensions, resulting in a modern employer image including more satisfied and more loyal employees.

More time and less cost: The Degura Pension Cloud is easy to set up and minimizes HR’s workload in day-to-day company pension management. All employee data can be accessed with just one click and company pension processes are completely digitized.

Legal compliance and data protection: Degura makes all company pension systems legally compliant and minimizes liability risks for the employer. High data security with 100% DSGVO compliance.

Core functionalities

  • Legally compliant pension system and digital employee information: Degura is 100% independent from insurance companies and provides the easiest way to set up, implement or transfer existing corporate pension offerings into our digitale platform. Additionally all legal documentation requirements for employers are automatically fulfilled.
  • Individual 1:1 employee consultations: An experienced Degura pension consultant is available to employees at anytime by chat, email or video call so Employees can receive free consultation on the employer's individual pension offer.
  • Digital contract management and 24/7 accessibility: With Degura, pension processes are digital, transparent, and fully documented. From real-time access to all pension contracts, to the digital execution of contract changes with insurers, to the easy access of pension records for payroll management.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

Degura’s Application Programming Interface (API) will be configured in collaboration with individual clients within the onboarding process to ensure individual criterias are met.

Transfer of data

Degura’s Application Programming Interface (API) will connect to Personio and transfer all required data for coporate pension into the Pension Cloud.

The following data will be tranfered to Degura Pension Cloud: First name, last name, gender, Email, address.

The Pension Cloud can further be configured to meet the individual needs of employers. All imported employee data will automatically be registered within the Pension Cloud and employees will receive a system generated invitation to sign in to their personal Degura account.

Contact Degura

Degura offers different packages depending on the company size and the number of pre-existing bAV contracts in the company. Personio customers have access to several free service add-ons. For more information, please contact the Degura partnerships team and schedule a quick call or software demonstration following this link.

Degura integration screenshots

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