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Mobilexpense Declaree integration

About Mobilexpense Declaree

With Mobilexpense Declaree, you can digitise the entire travel expense report process in your company. Mobilexpense Declaree is used by start-ups, medium-sized companies and corporations and is flexibly adapted to your internal financial processes.
Your employees record all expenses directly on the move and at the same time the accounting department can manage all costs centrally. The data can be easily exported to any existing accounting, HR or ERP system.

Why Mobilexpense Declaree?

Expense reports with Declaree

No matter if receipts, additional catering expenses, mileage allowance or credit card payments - with Mobilexpense Declaree employees can create and submit all expenses via app or browser. The bundling of individual expenses into clear cost reports then enables a transparent approval process.

Core Functionalities

  • Advanced OCR Scanning
  • Integration of credit cards
  • Projects and Cost Centers
  • Integration with various HR and ERP tools

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

The administrator generates the access data in Personio and stores it in the settings within Mobilexpense Declaree. As soon as this API data is stored, the systems are synchronised in real time. For example, a new employee created in Personio is automatically created in Mobilexpense Declaree.

Transfer of Data

All employees added in Personio automatically receive an account within Mobilexpense Declaree. All master data stored in Personio is imported directly into Mobilexpense Declaree, so you can start submitting your travel expenses immediately.

Contact Declaree

Mobilexpense Declaree is available from as little as €6 per employee per month. Book your personal online demonstration now. Mobilexpense Declaree introduces you to the functions of the App and will be happy to answer any open questions on the implementation in a direct conversation with you and your team.

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