DATEV integration


The payroll solutions DATEV LODAS and DATEV Lohn und Gehalt accompany tax consultants, chancelleries as well as self-billing companies from the preliminary recording of payroll data processing in the DATEV cloud or inward to electronic data transfer and confirmation.


Payroll with DATEV

DATEV’s core competencies include data security and protection. With its German ISO-certified data center, DATEV is a pioneer for cloud technologies. To best meet the high demands of the complex field of payroll, DATEV supports you with the “Carefree-Package”. This includes implemented immediate help with free access to the DATEV Help Center, as well as around 2,000 texts and answers on functional, legal and general personnel aspects, plus other service offers. Furthermore, the DATEV payroll programs are excellent in terms of their functionality and timeliness regarding changing legal requirements. If legal changes occur, DATEV makes them available on time.

Core Functionalities

  • Maps complicated payroll accounting issues, e.g. special accounting forms such as short-time work compensation, piecework pay, construction pay, public service
  • Using pay tables, collective agreements, company agreements or salary structures can be stored in the program.
  • Wide range of data analysis and reporting options

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

The linking of the solutions develops from manual import to data transfer via an API. This programming interface will enable a comfortable and bidirectional data transfer. The tax consultant has to order an access medium for the Personio user for data exchange via API in a standardized process. With the help of the access medium, the user has to register once at the DATEV data center before he is able to use the data exchange between DATEV and Personio.

Transfer of Data

The integration includes the automated transfer of employee data from Personio to the DATEV data center.

From Personio to DATEV

  • DATEV LODAS: Transfer of employee data and fixed salaries from Personio to the DATEV data center.
  • DATEV Lohn und Gehalt: Transfer of employee data from Personio to the DATEV data center.

From DATEV to Personio

  • Transfer of more than 25 payroll-specific documents such as payslips, SI notifications, A1 statements or the payroll journal from the DATEV data center to Personio. Employee-specific documents can then be distributed directly to the employees' digital document storage at the touch of a button.

Personio is continuously expanding this data scope to include other payroll-relevant components such as salaries and additional compensation payments.
Contact the Personio sales team for further information. Existing customers can get more information from their responsible growth manager.

Contact DATEV

The prices depend on the number of employees. Please contact your tax consultant or DATEV sales department.

DATEV integration screenshots

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