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About Culture Amp

Culture Amp is the leading Employee Experience platform helping 6,000+ companies take action to improve employee engagement, performance, and development.

Why Culture Amp?

Employee Experience with Culture Amp

Understand the complete employee experience, from onboarding, to well-being, D&I and exit.
Have confidence with a platform built with the latest in organizational psychology and data science.
Be supported by a global team of customer success coaches and people scientists.

Core Functionalities

  • Engage: Surveys with powerful analytics and action planning
  • Perform: Development focused performance management
  • Amplify: Behaviour changing tools to empower your employees
  • Develop: Grow and retain your people with the only personalized solution for effective, continuous development.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

To connect Personio with Culture Amp, first download your Personio Client ID and Client Secret from the API page in Personio. Enter these in Culture Amp by going to Account admin > Data integrations > Personio > Set up Personio integration.

You can select the demographics you want to import into Culture Amp via the ‘Access’ tab of the API page in Personio. In Personio, these are called Attributes. Note that any attributes you whitelist in Personio will be shared with all systems that have a Personio integration.

Transfer of Data

The integration uses the employee data API. It is a one-way integration, meaning data is only synchronized from Personio to Culture Amp. Any attributes whitelisted on the ‘Access’ tab of the Personio API page will be transferred to Culture Amp.

Contact Culture Amp

Culture Amp offers a simple subscription based approach to pricing which is dependant on the number of users and support tier which we’ve carefully curated for our customer’s success (Self-Starter, Standard and Enterprise). To get in touch for a demo or learn more from one of our peoplegeeks, email and we’ll connect you to the right person.

Culture Amp integration screenshots

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