Capdesk integration

About Capdesk

Capdesk is the all-in-one equity management solution for private companies in Europe. Employee equity gets complicated as you scale, especially if you have a remote or multinational workforce. Capdesk helps their customers run compliant and efficient employee share schemes, keep errors out of the cap table and win back time and money. Unlike other solutions, Capdesk caters to the entire company lifecycle and digitises equity management at every step – from seed funding all the way through to your IPO.

Why Capdesk?

Core functionalities

  • With Capdesk, you can issue, sign and exercise options digitally with a platform that supports you as you scale, bring new territories, share classes and currencies to your cap table.
  • Capdesk provides EMI, CSOP and 409A valuations from Capdesks in-house team, including support with HMRC and the IRS.
  • Capdesk enables fully compliant, end-to-end online transactions, including secondary sales.
  • The interactive dashboards show you the shape of your cap table. Download essential reports and invite new stakeholders all in one place.
  • Bring equity ownership to life for your employees with clear data visualisation and an enhanced user experience.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Integration scope

Save time updating employee records and issuing equity with Capdesk's Personio integration. Speed up the equity issuance process and reduce your risk of incorrect employee records with Capdesk and Personio.

The integration allows users to set up a one-way sync between fields in Personio and fields in Capdesk. The user may select which fields to map to each other between the two systems. There are two major use cases:

1) when the user wants to issue equity to new employees, they can import the employees from Personio and save time manually entering their details in Capdesk.

2) when employee information changes, the user only needs to update it in Personio and the change will register in Capdesk – this eliminates time spent updating both systems and the risk that Capdesk carries outdated employee information, which has implications for compliance, record-keeping and notifications from the platform.

Transfer of data

Employee data is transferred from Personio to Capdesk including:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email

Setting up the interface

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations
  2. Select the Integration and click Enable under Personio
  3. Insert your Personio API Key and API Secret
  4. Select which data to sync and click Save
  5. Go to Overview and approve/reject users one by one, or approve all

Contact Capdesk

The price for Capdesk depends on your company size and the selected package. Prices start at 95 GBP (109 EUR) per month. For more information visit the Capdesk pricing page

If you are interested in Capdesk and would like to learn more about the tool, you can take a sneak peek here or book your personal web demo here. All other information including pricing can be 𝗳ound on their website.

Capdesk integration screenshots

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