Bonrepublic integration

About Bonrepublic

Bonrepublic is a talent management platform that helps companies retain, motivate and develop their employees, by giving them a toolkit to incentivize and recognize achievements, and analyze and foster employees’ development along their most important competencies.

Bonrepublic serves all companies looking to improve its employee engagement and performance management and as a result retain their employees.

Why Bonrepublic?

See your people, grow your business

Bonrepublic is a talent-management platform that is designed for employees. This results in high usage rates that provide unprecedented data insights on competency gaps and employee engagement. As a decision-maker, you will be able to drive performance, motivation and make data-driven decisions.

Core functionalities

Engage & Recognize:

  • Surveys (eNps & Engagement)
  • Peer-to-peer recognitions
  • Challenges (innovation & goal driven)
  • Benefits

Perform & Develop:

  • 360°/180° feedback and reviews
  • Kompetenzanalyse


  • OKR’s & target agreements

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

Bonrepublic’s integration with Personio allows you to access and synchronize employee data and create the organizational structure of the company in Bonrepublic based on the data from Personio.

To set up the integration, you can use the interface for administrators created in Bonrepublic, where you can add API credentials generated within Personio and enable an integration, as well as make basic integration settings to update data in the company's organizational structure.

Transfer of data

The integration focuses on the transfer of employee and organizational structure data from your Personio account to Bonrepublic. Based on this data, user profiles will be updated, new users will be created, the organizational structure and the position directory will be created and updated.

Contact Bonrepublic

Bonrepublic offers different pricing options starting from 7€ per employee per month. For more infos as well as a free demo and trials access simply contact Bonrepublic here.

Bonrepublic integration screenshots

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