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About Back

To thrive in an increasingly digital and distributed world, the best companies are adopting an automation-first approach to People Operations. Back helps you do just that, equipping you with everything you need to deliver a great employee experience at scale. Back integrates into communication channels such as email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat, so your employees can submit requests the way they are used to.

Back combines solutions for conversational ticketing, self-service automation, and adaptive employee journeys. From questions about policies or remaining vacation days to entire journeys like onboarding or parental leave – Back pulls together all resources from Personio and other internal systems to give your employees the support they need.

In 2020, Back won the HR Innovation Award in the category HR Software & Hardware.

Why Back?

Workflow Management with Back

Back centralizes all employee requests on one easy-to-use web platform, ensuring that your team always remains organized. You can work on requests within your team or together with other internal service teams and use approvals and standard forms.

The Personio integration provides your team with more information about the employee (such as the office location and team), supporting them in responding in a more tailored way.

Back integrates into your communication channels such as email, Slack and Microsoft Teams, so your employees can submit requests the way they are used to.

Back’s reporting feature helps your HR management to proactively identify trends and improve internal workflows.

Core Functionalities

  • Easy-to-use: Work with an intuitive platform, built from the ground up with non-technical teams in mind.
  • Integrated: Connect Back with Personio, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, email, and internal operations systems.
  • Intelligent: Automate your processes and employee requests with the help of machine learning.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

To connect Back to Personio you need your Personio API credentials, which you can download in your Personio settings.

Transfer of Data

Once connected, Back will periodically (once every 4 hours) retrieve information about your employees and store a copy locally in Back.

This information is shown to the experts when resolving requests in Back to provide further context (e.g. about the team or the office location). The data also helps to simplify your approval processes by displaying e.g. the employee’s supervisor to your experts.

Contact Back

Back’s pricing starts at €40 per People team member and month. Personio customers are eligible for an extended 4-week trial free of charge.

To book a free demo of the platform, please send an email to or request a demo on The Back team will be happy to assist you with the set-up, onboarding, and Personio integration.

Back integration screenshots

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