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About aTurnos

aTurnos is a software that improve workforce management. It offers a range of tools that increase productivity in human resources by helping to schedule, empower and analyze work teams. With aTurnos you can manage the entire employee and human resources management cycle with tools and functionalities like fast labor restrictions engine, every day and yearly scheduling, customer adapted algorithms, employee preference detection, request flow control, auto-scheduling algorithms (AI), scheduling VS Time and Attendance, attendance punches technologies, time and attendance robotization, functional APP and flexible payroll concept generation.

Why aTurnos?

Improve your workforce management with aTurnos

aTurnos adapts perfectly to any company and any sector. The possibility of selecting the functionalities that best suit your company’s needs and the high level of customization especially benefit large and medium enterprises, as well as sectors such as Manufacturing and Logistic, Healthcare, Retail and Call Centre where scheduling is more complex due to a high number of shifts to cover, high employee turnover and a big amount of labor restrictions to take in consideration.

Core functionalities

  • Time and Attendance Control: It will allow you to register the entry and exit signings of the workers, in order to comply with the Daily Record of the Workday.

  • Plan the quadrant in a simple and agile way: Plan by means of patterns based on restrictions and depending on the demand of the personnel taking into account labor legislation, validate the real coverage for each position according to your teams and locations and export the planning data to payroll.

  • Manage your teams: Control and streamline daily processes in personnel management, make changes quickly to the quadrant, manage vacation requests and shift changes, generate payroll reports and validate the coverage of your workers by defining the minimums.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

To connect aTurnos with Personio you need to access Personio first, specifically "Settings" > "API credential" and generate a new credential. In this credential choose the data you want to import (employees, absences...) and the attributes of the employees (email, department...), after this generate the credentials (secret numbers) which will be copied to aTurnos.

Access to aTurnos > manage > settings > modules > actions and click on "Add", select the action "Import Personio employees" or "Import Personio absences" (depending on what you want to import), fill in all the fields, click "Add" and for the import to be carried out, click on the blue button that appears on the screen. Once all the steps are done, the aTurnos system performs the integration with Personio automatically every day at 4 a.m.

Transfer of data

Employees and absences are imported, in addition to employee attributes (email, department, status, position, weekly hours, etc.). Data is transferred from Personio to aTurnos.

Contact aTurnos

aTurnos has a core module called Premium and several addons you can choose to add more functionalities and tools. For Personio customers we created 2 special packages with discounts up to 35% and free consultancy up to 4 hours. Also, including free implementation for companies up to 200 employees.
Package 1 includes aTurnos Premium + Time & Attendance module
Package 2 includes aTurnos Premium + Time & Attendance module + Operations module

For more information please reach out to

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