ATOSS Time Control integration

About ATOSS Time Control

ATOSS Time Control is the software solution for medium-sized companies with classic workforce management requirements. With the help of ATOSS Time Control, companies can face the challenges of working time management, self services and personnel deployment planning. With software, consulting and professional services, we support companies in optimising their personnel processes and designing sustainable working environments.

Why ATOSS Time Control?

Working times and personnel processes under control – with ease

Optimizing personnel costs, increasing productivity – ATOSS Time Control offers everything that companies require to reinforce and secure their competitive capabilities and strengths.

Core functionalities

  • Time recording and time management incl. comprehensive reporting options
  • Defining and monitoring of legal, collective and company regulations.
  • Efficient and demand-oriented planning of personnel resources by perfectly matching available employees with demands and individual qualifications, overtime, absences and working time regulations.

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Setting up the interface

The interface will be set up by the ATOSS consultant in cooperation with the customer during implementation phase of ATOSS Time Control.

Transfer of data

Employee masterdata is transferred from Personio to ATOSS Time Control.

Contact ATOSS

The pricing for ATOSS Time Controll depends on the requirement and users. For more information or to get in touch visit the ATOSS website.

ATOSS Time Control integration screenshots

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