Apideck integration

About Apideck

Apideck provides access to a single integration layer with a rapidly growing ecosystem of APIs, so you can focus on building your product instead of building integrations. Using our Unified HRIS API you can build integrations up 100x faster at a fraction of the cost, while maintaining native integration within your application.

Why Apideck?

Core functionalities

  • Flexibility & Scaleability Integrate with dozens of HR applications, at scale through a single Unified API
  • Choose your SDK Use your preferred SDK to further simplify your build process
  • Actionable Insights Integrated logging and monitoring provides direct insights on your API calls and error messages
  • Credential Management Leave credential management (OAuth, API keys, ...) and token refreshing up to us
  • Bidirectional connectivity Enjoy full CRUD support on all endpoints

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Integration scope

Access dozens of HRIS APIs with just a single integration. Benefit from credential management, integrated logging and monitoring of all your API calls.

Transfer of data

Employee data can be transferred between Apideck and Personio including:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email
  • gender
  • status
  • position
  • supervisor
  • employment type
  • weekly working hours
  • hire date
  • contract end date
  • termination date
  • termination type
  • termination reason
  • probation period end
  • created at
  • last modified at
  • subcompany
  • office
  • department
  • cost centers
  • holiday calendar
  • absence entitlement
  • work schedule
  • fix salary
  • fix salary interval
  • hourly salary
  • vacation day balance
  • last working day
  • profile picture
  • team

Setting up the interface

  1. Log in to Apideck
  2. Under Configuration, select HRIS API
  3. Activate the Personio switch

Contact Apideck

Apideck comes at no cost to the customer. Integrators pay a usage-based fee per API call.
If you're interested in accelerating your API development, visit apideck.com request a demo or sign up and get started straight away.

Apideck integration screenshots

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